QUOTES - fans and promoters

"Without a doubt, one of the best performances that I have seen... a musical experience that you do not want to miss.”

Roy Donkin - Cambridge Drive Concerts - Goleta / Santa Barbara


”The Koles featuring Arlene Kole are an immensely enjoyable live act, energetic and polished, with a range of material and instrumentation that always keeps things interesting. The harmonies are exceptional. Arlene has a vast vocal range, from delicate, reflective songstress to power-ballad belter. Catch them live – you won’t be disappointed.”

Steve Dulson - President, Folk Alliance Region-West (FAR-West) 2003-2011. Living Tradition Concert Series Director 1999-2009


"The Koles are a musical delight - we've hosted them twice at Acoustic L.A.- LIVE! and our audience loves the energy and musical harmony they bring to their performances. It is a rare delight to encounter a band that sounds as good (or better!) live, as their videos and recordings.”

Sabrina & Craig - Hosts of Acoustic L.A. - LIVE! at Hallenbeck’s - North Hollywood, CA


”Arlene Kole is a captivating performer not only because her voice, intonation, and musical choices are fabulous but also because her songs are excellent, melodically, harmonically and lyrically! Every audience I’ve witnessed loves her immediately!”

Harriet Schock - Multi-platinum songwriter/recording artist / author and songwriting coach


Review: John Batdorf and Michael McLean - Arlene Kole and the Koles - at Kulaks Woodshed, Sat 2/6/10

“I was very impressed by the live show put on by Arlene Kole and the Koles this past Sat evening. This was the first time I'd seen Arlene Kole and the Koles perform live and I hope to catch them again very soon (and to advise that others do the same). They are as comfortable together as well-loved worn bluejeans - they're enjoying their own performance and each other - they're loving giving the music to the audience. They are fresh and different, shiny and new, professional and practiced to perfection. The harmonies are knockout. The solo vocals are excellent. The guitar work is precise but performed with emotion. They are a well-oiled cohesive unit comprised of very talented and spirited individuals. Listen to the music - go see a show soon - you will not regret it! Go. Run, don't walk - check out the music and become a fan!!!”

Jeanette Lundgren - Mother Hen Promotions - Los Angeles, CA


"For me, two things stand out about the Koles’ music. First is the songwriting. The Koles write songs that hit deep, that go where few writers can take us on the emotional spectrum. And then there are those voices. Arlene’s voice is clear, true, and strong. Combine it with the voices of daughter Skyeler and Arlene’s husband Bill, and you get sweet harmonies that can only come from a family that loves to sing together. That love permeates the music and brings joy to all who hear it."

Steve Brogden - Vice President Far West - Folk Alliance - Thousand Oaks, CA


“The Koles are amazing! Their music is beautifully touching, and Arlene has a voice smooth as silk. They played at my venue in the spring and brought the house down! Can't wait to re-book!"

Linda Lee Miller - Linda Lee's Houseconcerts - Newbury Park, CA


“Very few have touched me metaphysically. Arlene Kole touched me as she does all who hear and listen to her... an “out of the park” homerun of modern music, melody and sound.”

Dave Chambers - Ghost Ranch Concerts - Lake Havasu, AZ

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