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The Koles feature Arlene Kole, Bill Kole and Jim Rolfe. All three of these amazing musicians are vocalists as well as multi instrumentalists and between them, they play: guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, drums, keyboards and more.


 They are a folk pop trio whose songs and vocal arrangements captivate audiences everywhere. Though the Koles are relaxed and positive showcasing back-to-basics love, their music is far from easy listening. They can rock, they can roll, they can make you cry from memories and help you create new ones with hilarious moments throughout their show. Their performances caused them to be recognized in Music Connection Magazine’s Top 100 Live Acts in the USA for both 2009 & 2012."



Arlene has made a tremendous impact on the singer songwriter scene. In fact, the December 2009 & 2012 issue of Music Connection Magazine named Arlene in their HOT 100 list of the top live unsigned artists in the nation. Art of the Song, the nationally syndicated radio program featured Arlene and her debut album in a one hour show that they say is their most responded to and successful show to date. Viv Nesbitt, co-host says:


“We simply weren’t prepared for what we received in the mail. Arlene Kole’s debut CD “One Day” stopped us in our tracks. The lyrics, the arrangements and instrumentation are amazing, but it is the voice that grabs your heart with the gentle firmness of an artist, mother, bombshell blonde and says “Listen, I have something to say.” Brilliantly produced by her husband, Bill Kole supports with elegant production and astounding lyrics. This team is non-stop musicality and heart. We love this CD and these people and so did our listeners. Arlene & Bill Kole appeared as the featured guests on Art of the Song Show #248. It is our most responded to show yet, with comments filled with praise and identification with their remarkable story.”


Arlene graduated the vocal program at the prestigious Grant McEwan College jazz school in Edmonton, Canada. She has sung hundreds of sessions for television, records, and commercials and had the honor of seeing a composition penned by herself and husband Bill performed by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (of Procal Harem fame). Arlene embarked on her solo career in 2006 and her 2008 debut CD has been met with critical acclaim, as has her live show


ARLENE KOLE - Lead Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin


Bill toured Canada in the late 70's to mid 80's as a drummer, guitarist and vocalist. He started writing his own music in the early 80's and went on to become an award winning artist and engineer/producer in his own right.


Bill came to Los Angeles in 1987 and began working with producer / drummer Art Wood (Gary, Wright, Bette Midler, Cher). This partnership led to being distributed by A&M records in Canada in the 90's for his solo debut CD entitled “Bill Kole”. Bill left the live scene and began producing prior to moving to Los Angeles and won the ARIA "Engineer of the Year" award for his home province of Alberta. Bill also won the largest songwriting contest in Canada judged by hit songwriters including Desmond Child (Aerosmith, Ricky Martin, etc.).


Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Bill opened a commercial recording studio, Mission Control Music & Post, and has worked as a successful composer, recording music for American Idol, NBC, MTV, FOX, numerous feature films and for major advertisers such as Verizon, Mattel, Target and American Red Cross to name a few. Bill has produced scores of recordings for artists both in Los Angeles and abroad. While Bill started his performing career as a drummer, he plays a plethora of instruments (some of them well!).

BILL KOLE - Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass, Loops


Jim Rolfe is an amazing multi-talented musician who has been a staple in the LA music scene as both a live and a session player. Jim's amazing ability to play almost any instrument adds to the depth and variety that the Koles exhibit in their shows. In fact, many of those whom have witnessed the Koles' shows remark that it's hard to believe that their big sound is created by just 3 people.


Their second release, “Odds & Ends” features an expanded Koles lineup including Skyeler Kole & Wyatt Stone. “Funny thing about this record… It was originally a collection of songs that we performed live. However, with the addition of the others, it started taking on an interesting life of its own. With four lead vocalists, a beautiful instrumental song from Jimmy, and a couple of cover tunes, this album has truly earned the moniker “Odds and Ends”.


The Koles believe that the heart of a society is reflected in the value they place on art. Your support is what allows us to continue creating and bringing a quality experience to the venues we play and the music we create. Please support your local arts programs so that children and teens have the opportunity of discovering the joy of creating and expressing themselves through the arts. Art nourishes the soul while inspiring us all to see the good in the world and in ourselves.




We can't thank you enough for supporting us!

JIMMY ROLFE - Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass

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